CLUB SELECT is a group of specific category hotels designed for bargain shoppers to rake in extra savings! Here’s how it works.

   Instead of a specific hotel on sale, CLUB SELECT designates the hotel rating (ie: 4*, 5, or 6*). These are the same quality hotels we routinely feature with the added benefit of extra savings. Quite often hotels do not want to be associated with deep discounting in order to maintain brand integrity.

   This program allows them to increase hotel occupancy without forfeiting their reputation. An example of this is the well-known hotel chain “Superclub Resorts” which designed their outlet for extra discounting through their “Superclubs Surprise” program where you pay less for a guaranteed Superclubs resort with the specific resort chosen by them.

   CLUB SELECT is the same format. You pay less for the same hotels we regularly use with the specific hotel selected for you. While discounts are quite attractive with specific hotels we advertise, when you see CLUB SELECT you can count on extra savings for the same fine hotels normally found under our hotline specials. End result: You benefit by paying less for the same quality vacation and the hotels meet their occupancy levels without sacrificing brand integrity!

    This program is quite popular with our repeat hotline vacationers and has been successful for many years affording so many of our clientele the opportunity for travel that otherwise might not be possible. So when you see CLUB SELECT you know the only trade off is extra savings for you!